Every team has a paramedic - a full-time employee of West Midlands Ambulance Service. For many years this position was filled by one of a group of experienced ambulance officers. They drive the team's response vehicle and would usually fulfil the role of Ambulance Incident Officer of arrival: co-ordinating the resources on scene and liaising with the WMAS control room. They also undertook extra training related to the CARE team's skill set: having an awareness of the team's clinical procedures and specialist equipment. In the summer of July 2013, a re-organisation of the Ambulance Service's stations resulted in a move of the CARE team's operational base. Alongside this, the paramedic officer position was replaced with paramedics from the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART).

Paramedics receive additional training to support them in the CARE team role and bring with them the additional skills and experience of a HART operative.

Team Evolution

It was decided that the team could include an appropriately skilled paramedic to work interchangably in the nurse or trainee position. Recently the CARE Team has taken on its first Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) in emergency medicine, Scott Hawkins a Paramedic from the West Midlands.

Jason Wiles (CARE Team Paramedic)

Jason is a State Registered Paramedic employed by West Midlands Ambulance Foundation Trust as Head of Clinical Practice for Paediatrics. Part of his senior role within the ambulance service also sees him act in the capacity of Silver Commander for Birmingham.

As part of the multi-disciplinary team that makes up an operational shift with the CARE team Jason works alongside the other members of the team providing skills and care that is above and beyond the traditional scope of practice of a Paramedic alongside the experience gained as a frontline operational Paramedic.

He also brings in his vast experience of crew resource management and major incident management experience which provides support not only at scene but also in education and mentoring of trainees on the team.